3D Art

All work created using Autodesk Maya and Photoshop/GIMP. Earlier works are rendered with Mental Ray. Since Fall 2013 though, I've pretty much switched over exclusively to the powerful VRay.

Ice Bird (2014)

Bird model and flapping animation courtesy of Jonathan Symmonds.

VRay Exterior Renders - Night and Day (2014)

Exterior - Night

Exterior - Day

Snow Globe - In Progress (2014)

Snow Globe

Speed Modeling

These two scenes were each created under a 2-hour time limit for the whole pipeline.



Command Wolf (2013)

Command Wolf

Landscape (2013)


Gramophone Scene (2013)

Gramophone Scene

Orpheus (2011)


Tartarus (2011)

Tartarus    Tartarus2

Pistol Shrimp (2011)

Pistol Shrimp