Environments through Motion (2013)

As a senior project, developed a motion-controlled interface for rapid prototyping of virtual environments in Unity using the Leap Motion Controller. Users can manipulate 3D objects using natural gestures, allowing virtual spaces to be prototyped faster than using a mouse when high concept delivery is the main goal over finesse.

EventSnap (2013)

iOS app that allows for event organizers to create events that users can upload captioned photos to. Users can then view a photostream of all photos uploaded to a particular event. Responsible for front end implementation of views and controllers. Backend implemented using Parse. Joint project with Tara Siegel.

Knight Strike (2014)

iOS Store App
Android Play Store App
As a developer in the Pennsylvania Game Studio, helped program a hack-n-slash game available on iOS and Android app stores. Primarily responsible for game-altering "hack" features. Developed in Unity and C#.

MessLess (2013)

Web recipe assistant that utilizes the Leap motion controller for hands-free navigation through step-by-step recipes pulled using the Yummly API to solve the problem of scrolling through a recipe on a laptop with messy hands. Primary task was development on the front end using BackBone.js for site layout and timer implementation. Created during the F'13 PennApps hackathon. Check it out at Requires a Leap motion controller to use.

Beatdown (2013)


Top-down audio-based shooter game. Waves of enemies spawn based on audio analysis of the current song playing. Developed in Javascript and utilizes the Web Audio API and melonJS. Created with a team during the PennApps 48-hour hackathon.

Electronic Arts Data Visualization App (2012)

EA Data Visualization

Desktop application built for Electronic Arts that aggregates massive Excel data and visually displays the data in various forms. Implemented in Java. Assisted Electronic Arts in analyzing the free-to-play gaming model for useful trends.