Software Engineer Intern (June 2014 - August 2014)
Implemented design and localization work on iOS for New Words with Friends. Also, in a team of five, developed an original mobile game from ideation to playable prototype in four weeks, winning 1st place in Zynga's Intern Innovation competition.

Electronic Arts

Software Engineer Intern (May 2013 - August 2013)
Developed a telemetry module on the client that tracks player actions to generate data for analytics and customer service, extensible for each yearly iteration of Madden and NCAA Ultimate Team. Credited in Madden 25.

Institute for Creative Technologies

Software Engineer Intern (May 2012 - August 2012)
Tested and integrated new physics and animation tools for a virtual human toolkit. Extended a mixed-reality story game to include a shooting gallery game using Unity and improvements to the infrared vision player tracking system.

ICT Mixed Reality Shooting Gallery
One of multiple projects while interning at the Institute for Creative Technologies. This is a mixed reality game utilizing a replica saloon and a vision system to immerse users in a shooting gallery game. I improved on the existing vision system framework to provide more accurate data for use in the game. I also created assets and animations and linked them together using C# scripting and the Unity game engine.

University of Pennsylvania

Teaching Assistant (September 2011 - present)
Provide guidance and grading for Digital Media Design Senior Projects spanning a wide range of topics and technologies (Sp 14, Fa 14). Tutor and grade for Intro Computer Graphics in C++ and OpenGL (Sp 14). Teach weekly labs of 20 students, grade homework, plan lessons, and answer questions for Intro to Computer Science in Java (Fa 11 - Fa 13).

Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Intern (May 2011 - August 2011)
Worked on a team to develop CHOFit software which analyzes mass spectrometry data sets of water samples. Implemented general functionality and data ranking algorithms and developed the GUI. Primarily worked in the Lazarus IDE using Free Pascal.

University of Pennsylvania Summer Engineering Academy

Residential Teaching Assistant (September 2011 - May 2012)
Teaching and residential duties for a three-week high school computer science camp in Java and Processing.